Stationery UK, is committed to achieving the best deals for all our customers, always maintaining a high level of service with access to our extensive product resources.

We are proud that a great number of our customers have been with us for many years. We have an active role in supporting our customers in ensuring we continue to meet all their needs in the expanding and diverse product areas of their procurement needs. All businesses need a professional and well sourced procurement service; our goal is to ensure we provide that support to our customers. The competitive pressure of business today, requires cost effective and timely procurement as part of an essential toolkit in maintaining and improving margins.

We believe in taking the time and care in researching every last detail to ensure you get the best deals possible for your organisation.

What is effective Procurement?

Procurement is about cost, quality products and timely delivery. It is simply the process of buying or obtaining goods and services and can cover all areas and products related to all businesses, whether private, public or for individuals, all needs are critically valued.

Ineffective procurement threatens businesses from achieving their potential, and may even challenge a business ability to survive, as profits and margins will be reduced or destroyed. No business can afford to consistently pay higher prices than it needs to or higher prices than the competitors.

The procurement process must be focused on achieving competitive prices, consistently over a range of products.

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Why is Procurement becoming more important?

Many decisions made by organisations have a procurement process which can hugely impact the overall cost of making that decision. Procurement should be used as part of a strategy to improve the overall profit of the organisation. It should allow for better quality sources at better prices, which can give an advantage to the organisation. By getting a better quality supplier, with better goods and more value for money, the profit of the business can be increased and overall return on capital and investment will be improved.

Our commitment

Our daily aim is to get the best possible deals for your organisation, our expertise, research and support is driven so that you get the benefit of the best procurement process achievable.

We work with partners throughout the UK and as necessary Internationally, always ensuring every last price and offer is the best result it can be for your organisation. Our team’s experience is supported by research that includes everything that is vital for the best procurement process possible, including supplier research, value analysis, financing, price negotiation, administration and much more.

Our strategic process and hard work delivers for your business the optimum procurement service.

We believe this should enable your business to maximise your margins and grow your business successfully delivering to your customers and clients; and remaining our client for the long term future.

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This wide product choice is provided directly through our websites, with easy and quick customer buying journeys. However if you require additional support, or special resourcing or just cannot find what you require – please do not hesitate to email or call us, where our friendly experienced UK based team are happy to support you.

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